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Located in Eastern Africa, Uganda is bordered by South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. After achieving independence from Britain in 1962, Uganda  lived under several Presidents, including the dictatorial regime of Idi Amin from 1971-1979. It has been ruled by Yoweri Museveni since 1986.

Over the last two decades, Northern Uganda has faced perpetual instability from the Lord’s Resistance Army rebellion. Despite this insurgency, Uganda is considered a relatively stable country, and is considered by some “The Pearl of Africa.” Uganda’s lush scenery — as well as the famous mountain gorillas and numerous ‘safari’ animals — make this country a popular tourist destination.


A sprawling urban slum in Kampala, Uganda’s capital city.

Since Kamwokya is not officially recognized by the Ugandan government, it does not have the basic infrastructure of running water or proper waste disposal. The community’s drainage system is an open ditch that quickly fills with garbage and sewage. This stagnant mixture often overflows when it rains, flooding the community.

Diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, cholera and HIV occur far too frequently. It is extremely difficult for Kamwokya’s inhabitants to live a healthy or safe life in these conditions.

Uganda regions map


A bright star in dark clouds.

This school is located in the middle of Kamwokya. Some of the children at the school are being raised by caregivers or other family members as their parents have died of AIDS or have simply left the children in the care of the community.

But there is a positive spirit and energy that can’t be ignored at this school. Students voluntarily arrive before classes start to sweep and wash the floors of the school. The children value their education, and the teachers value the children: this drives the success of the school. The school is a haven in a rough and unforgiving neighbourhood and is the a place where the students can truly be children.

These are happy, resourceful, talented kids, whose love of life and enthusiasm for learning are evident each day. Together, we can support these children to embody their school motto: “The sky is the limit.”

Uganda happy school children

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