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About Kenya

This Eastern Africa country, which achieved independence from Britain in 1963, is nestled between South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda, as well as the Indian Ocean. Kenya’s diverse lands include vast savannah, numerous lakes and mountains and the remarkable Great Rift Valley. Kenya is world-renowned for its safaris in its many national parks and game reserves.

Since 2013, Kenya has been led by Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of Kenya’s founding president. In the last few years, Kenya has been challenged by Somalian extremist movement Al Shabaab, including a 2013 attack at Westgate mall in Nairobi and a 2015 attack at Garissa University.


A small predominantly-Muslim settlement in northeastern Kenya.

This arid region frequently undergoes droughts and water shortages and has been seriously affected by ongoing terrorist activities due to its proximity to the Kenya-Somalia border. Madogo is located on the outskirts of Garissa, the site of a tragic terrorist attack in April 2015 that killed 148 students at Garissa University College. The Kenyan government has since increased its presence in the region to restore order and security.

Economic deprivation is rampant in the area. Most community members are pastoralists, keeping cattle, goats and sheep. Despite these small-scale businesses, however, they remain dependent on food relief from the government and other development agencies working in the area.

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A place of hope.

Madogo Day Centre is a place of hope for the approximately 60 vulnerable children that attend, many of whom come from single-parent families or have been orphaned. The Centre is a safe place where the children are welcomed and embraced and are able to receive a foundational education before beginning primary school.

The Day Centre has received attention from other organizations in the area, including the government. These parties are interested in how they can either support the growth and development of the current program and/or replicate it in other areas. The presence and benefit of Madogo Day Centre are felt strongly within the community.

Madogo Day Centre

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