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In a country with a 75% elementary school drop-out rate, some students need an extra hand.

MCF funding makes a remarkable difference in the lives of children who have been deeply affected by poverty, hunger and diseases.

By becoming a donor, you have the opportunity to provide children with hope.  Together, we can support them to embody their school motto:

“The sky is the limit.”


Kamwokya is an informal settlement located in Kampala, Uganda. Read more about Kamwokya here.

In Uganda, students begin their education by completing Primary 1-7, which is similar to elementary school in North America. At the end of Primary 7, students complete a mandatory national exam called the Primary Leaving Examination (PLE). Placing well in the PLE confirms a student’s eligibility to begin Secondary School, which is comparable to junior high or high school.

As of January 2017, there were 1,975 children registered to attend.

Our dream would be to support these children right through senior school. With increased revenue through your generous donations our hope is to support more of these children into Senior school.

About 60 children are supported each month at this Centre. These children range in age from 3 years to 8 years. Many are living with malnourished syndrome. Many of them are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Yes, all donations are eligible to receive Canadian or US tax receipts.